Life; What is Really Important by Soji Adeyeri!!!

Hey guys,

So I thought to share this piece by Soji Adeyeri, a wisdom coach and a friend. It has been quite beneficial to me and i think it will be to you as well. Happy reading.

Alas money and substance is vitally important to poor people for a relationship to work!

not so rich people. They seek to connect and build relationships. People are more important at that level!
Poverty in this context is more mental than physical!

In same way the physical attributes of a lady doesn't stand up as significant with men who are in a relationship with them. (It is common to see men be sexually unfaithful to stunning beautiful wives/partners).

But before a relationship starts, men have this instinctive desire for large endowments same way ladies want security of financial comfort.

All this points out to the fact that, the ESSENCE is NEVER about the things we see. It ALWAYS more about the UNSEEN substance.

And usually if the tools we see, remain more important to us, we are either hurting or/and under developed mentally by our emotions - that is immature.

Do your own check. In the mean time happy deliberations!

Remember, there are many other things that go into growing yourself to maturity of emotions, but we believe growth is driven by Consistency, Celebration and Challenge!

Do stay happy at all good cost.

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