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Monday, August 26, 2013


Annyone who knows me knows that I am all about my music. Whatever kind be it secular or gospel, I believe in good music. I am especially a fan of hip-hop. So I got interested in the persona known as XL2LETTERS (at least that's how he's known to me). 

I listened to the 1st single, I need a Saviour (a cover of Eminem n Dre's 'I need a doctor') and I was blown away. Thus, here he is, with the story of the mix-tape. Meet XL everyone.



Artiste Bio

XL2LETTERS (Adejumo Adekunle Gbogboade) is a fast rising Rapper who hails from Osun state but has lived most of his life in Lagos state. He grew up listening to a lot of hip hop, jazz and soul music, which greatly influences his style of lyricism and choice of delivery. He is a Masters graduate of architecture from the University of Lagos, and is also a graphic designer by profession. He started his professional music career in 2010 and has never looked back since. He has worked with top artiste such as FLO, B.o.u.q.u.i, Gameman, Provabs, He would be dropping his first Mixtape Titled The Grace Alone Mixtape in August 2013.

The Grace Alone mixtape is essentially a collection of ad-hoc hip hop songs written by XL2LETTERS and various Rappers and singers, and produced by various Producers. All songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by DrSankty with 17 – 17 Audio-lab productions.

It started with the theme song 'Grace Alone', which was inspired by XL2LETTERS's rededication to his walk with God, and yet finding out that it is not by works that any man can serve God. After falling in and out of sins so many times, He came to embrace this truth and hold it dear to his heart. With this at the back of his mind, more inspiration came across his way as he wrote even more and more songs.

The Stories ...
The Songs in this mixtape did not just come out of thin air, they are the result of a learning process and the ups and downs of a man's work with God.

The intro is basically a shout out and a roll call to appreciate every single person that helped XL2LETTERS in the making of the mixtape and becoming the artiste he is today.

This is a song where XL2LETTERS takes out time to clearly and bluntly glorify God and calls God by the very first name he ever called himself, I AM THAT I AM. The song is rendered in a hardcore hip hop/jamaican pattern. The track was produced by Gamemanbeatzjockey.

Grace Alone
Grace Alone is the theme song of the whole mixtape. It is a song where the artiste expresses his life story and shows the listeners that he couldnt have survived thus far without God. The song features the sultry vocals of  O'joe. The track was produced by Gamemanbeatzjockey.

Like a Drug
This song is a laid back and chilled out song in which the artiste expresses the joy and relief of serving and loving and being loved by his saviour.

For Christ
in the song"For Christ", the artiste states clearly and confidently dat he lives for Christ and not only for personnal benefit of fame n glory. The song features gospel rap veteran Rapsodee.

Thou oh Lord
In this song, XL2LETTERS takes a classic worship song and remakes it into anoda classic worship song with the help of RnB artiste TOLU[project fame]. This song connects the listener with God in a atmosphere of worship and rap. The track was also produced by Tolu.

Aint saying Nuffin
XL2LETTERS pushes his confidence further by declaring that if one is not talking about God, hes not saying much. He is joined By GamemanBeatzjockey on the track. The track is a hardcore hip hop styled track.

This track with a really long title is an up beat song in which XL2LETTERS pushes not only his creativity but his speed of delivery of lyrics on the track. The track was produced by Gamemanbeatzjockey.

I Need ASaviour
This eminem and DrDre Cover is one of the main Highlights of this Mixtape. I NEED A SAVIOUR by XL2LETTERS features the beautiful vocals of Simi, the sterling Lyrics and Rhymes of Provabs, and the heart felt lines of XL2LETTERS. The song is more than Just a cover of an Eminem song, but a cry from a sincere heart for God to save him/her from lust and pride deep inside.

In Here
XL2LETTERS entry into the epignosis beat competition was selected amongsts hundreds of entries as one of the top 10 entries. This Upbeat track was produced by OSH productions.

YouKnowWhere2FindMe [REMIX][harlem shake cover]
This track has the longest name on the mixtape obviously. Once again, XL2LETTERS pushes himself even further by remix a fast paced song by making a faster version of the track using the 'harlem shake' beat.

So that is the Story behind each track on this mixtape. XL2LETTERS hope it blesses u and impacts your life.
Dont forget to connect with XL2LETTERS and download on these platforms:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xl2letters/app_2405167945
ReverbNation Profile: www.reverbnation.com/XL2LETTERS
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/xl2letters
HulkShare: www.hulkshare.com/xlgbogboade
Twitter: @XLgbogboade

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