OROBO vs LEPA; What's your Team???

Hello my lovelies,

I trust you had a swell holiday while missing me of course. I did miss you, as much as you did me...

Okay, away with the mushy stuff, there is serious business to be discussed today (You just looked at the Header and laughed to yourself, abi?) But trust me, it is serious oh.

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 Yeah. I love topics such as these; I am a goof-ball (I have never denied it; I will remain one till whenever. Don't like it? Sorry oh!). However you can not deny the fact that they are REAL ISSUES. Many a relationship have been known to break up for weight-related reasons; 'she gained weight', 'he lost weight', bla bla bla...See the movie 'SHALLOW HAL'

I am not an advocate for ending your relationship because  of weight gain/loss, size related issues, etc. I believe that whatever the issue is can be resolved between both parties; as long as there is a commitment to the relationship. However, it is a real problem for some of us. And of course, everyone is ENTITLED to his/her preference. I do think its ridiculous though not to be friends with the fat girl at school/work; or to blatantly ignore the very skinny guy when he says hi.

So guys and girls on EKYVILLE, what's your flavour? Tell us below and don't forget to vote in the ongoing poll. 

I have got much love for you. Muah!!!!!!


In between...

i'm xo not dating a fat guy!! Did daht once and i almost suffocated!!!!

I will say I prefer either normal (ok BMI) or fat. Skinny guys like me would normally prefer the opposite :)