Relationships and the age dynamic!!!


More often than not, the age dynamic is beginning to crop up in relationships. It is becoming more fashionable, shall I say acceptable even in Africa and particularly Nigeria,
for younger men to date or marry women older than them. It seems some guys are drawn to the poise and carriage of a lady who's more mature than they are. Then of course, there are the dissidents; who find it distasteful and an abnormality. I am quite certain that there will be some persons who will sit on the fence too. 

So guys, can you date/marry a lady older than you? Ladies, can you date/marry a guy who is younger than yourself? Let us know your opinions in the comments box.

Much love.


ℓ̊ will prefer a lady am older than. But if G̲̅ø̲̣̣d̅ gives me one that is older than Më . All thanks τ̅☺ Him...