Hullo my darlings,

Its another thought inspired Thursday. So we all have parents, have had parents, are parents, intend to be parents. We all definitely fall into at least one or more of these categories.  For the orphaned, my sincere condolences. Your parents will always be a part of you; they live on in you. Please wipe your tears (Cheng I remember you specially).

So a very dear someone and I had a conversation that has led me to this page, penning these thoughts. My growing up and now seems to have seen a complete (well, almost) paradigm shift in parenting in Nigeria. Its not even been that long ago, so the changes I see are amazing. We were a lot more used to caning, scolding and a bit more traditional values, than our younger ones.

Today though, I am looking at this from the perspective of a child. To be quite candid, some of our parents were very OVERBEARING/HIGH-HANDED. They applied the principle of 'spare the rod and spoil the child'  to the extent that they had no children left; only strangers who were their wards. A lot of them ended up not knowing us their children; they now expect a friendship that is awkward at first, because both parties are 'learning to use their left hand in their old-age'. It is especially disheartening during adolescence; when children are at an awkward and uncomfortable stage in their development; NOT YET ADULTS, and NOT QUITE CHILDREN.

I conclude by saying let us not create our own FRANKENSTEINs. We need to listen to our children sometimes. No, listen ALWAYS and accept that they may SOMETIIMES be right. Be your child's friend, so that the mis-information from peer group will be lessened. 
Have a fabulous evening. I got love for all of you.


Deep thoughts> Impressive line of thought Eky. Kudos and keep it up