Will you go clubbing with your Partner/Spouse?


Do you remember the scene in Titanic where Jack takes Rose dancing after their boring 'upper room dinner'? That scene has stayed with me ever since I saw that movie. I remember her laughing, free of all pretense and having fun like she had never done before in her life with 'El-Stiffo of a fiance' (at least, that's what we were made to believe).
I love music and love to dance (you'll probably only catch me at it in my house though; sorry!!!). I would love to go dancing with the husband too (when he arrives). But it seems like its quite a touchy subject, going clubbing or dancing together with your significant other. Many guys and even ladies prefer to party on their own, making it seem like they will be disturbed if their man/woman is around. Makes you wonder what they get up to (winks).

Would you take your partner clubbing? I'd like to know. Much love!!!


I'm not the very outgoing type of guy, so going clubbing with my spouse is going to be her idea, not mine. But for those who want to, its very adviaable

For Më any activity that will improve †he union should Bⓔ encourage...

I agree with both of you. I know I definitely would....