Who would you be in Medieval Times?

I recently saw an adaptation of the Arthurian Legend, MERLIN. I have always been fascinated by those stories, myths and legends; as well as the Greek fables from both Aesop and Odysseus. Fascinating times and tales (we’ll examine them another day). Plus, a certain someone made mention of these times during an interesting and enlightening conversation.


Anyway, it set my mind down the path of imagination; blame it on the days when I was forced to stage make-belief plays with my siblings or by myself, as opposed to going out
for play. I began to imagine myself born during this era and wondered what/who I would be. The class distinctions were held in very sacred order at the time.

It was a great deal of fun to picture myself in an era of Knights, Lords, Dukes and Earls. When not every woman laid claim to the title of lady. When you had consorts and official courtesans (I love that word a lot, sounds way classier than prostitute. Yes, they both mean the same thing, in case you were wondering). When witchcraft was referred to as sorcery and witches and warlocks like Merlin were a part of the reverred in society.


If the king and queen were having a function at court, only the noble were allowed attendance. An unmarried knight or lord could make himself an outcast by taking an ordinary girl, who wasn’t from a noble family to these shindigs. Most likely, they were not even given entry. Usually, there was a servants entrance to most houses owned by the ‘gentry’; and if you were a first time visitor who didn’t look like a lord or lady, you were admitted into the house through that entrance.

                                       My castle in those days

So, it was fun imagining myself as a lady, duchess or any other class in the nobility. Now, let me examine the other lane. What if, I was a milk maid who could be killed just for speaking out of turn? I’d most likely have been fired many times for speaking out of turn to my employer; especially if it had anything to do with my perceptions of justice. Probably, some lady would have yelled ‘off with her head’ to the people at her beck and call.


The most annoying part of this thread of thought, is the fact that your master could sleep with any of the servant girls; without so much as a ‘by your leave’. Kai, any master wey try am where I dey for get mark sha. I’d make sure I kept a special knife to knick him “where it matters the most”. Plus, a knee in the groin would be effective, whatever the age, era or time.

I think I love this era I was born in just fine. Thanks but no thanks sir, to anyone who sent me to the medieval ages. Except of course, I got to be the official courtesan to the ruling king with more power than anybody else in the kingdom (you just shared my bad girl fantasy, tsk,tsk).

       As a bad girl courtesan

Who would you be in medieval times? I’d really love to know.
Have a Wonderful wednesday, my loves. Hugs!!!