KOP Corner- Soji speaks; Why Suarez must stay

   Hi Red family,

Been a minute and then some. I have missed you, but kept a close eye on the ongoings. So we have a new contributor on the corner. He's as passionate as you all are, and his opinions make a lot of sense. We don't always agree, but that's the fun in it. Soji speaks to you all today about our man SUAREZ. Happy reading!!!

Soji Speaks; 

Since Suarez's 10 match ban began, Liverpool's record has been:

P 7 / W 6 / D 1 / L 0 / GF 13 / GA 2

We have also won our last 5 PL games.

There is a definite logic to cashing in on Suarez in January while it seems that we do not need him, but while we have won our last 5 games, we have only managed to score 8 goals in that period.

Yes, it took Suarez 187 shots to score 23 goals last season, but what you are not factoring in is that Suarez had more dribbles per game (8.82) and more touches (11.00) in the box per game than any other player in the Premier League last year, that only Daniel Sturridge had a better goals per game ratio (0.71) than Suarez (0.70) last season and that Suarez created more chances (85) for teammates last season from open play than any other player in the top FIVE leagues of Europe.

Which is a stat that smashes any illusion that Suarez is not or can not be a team player for Liverpool.

You are also not factoring in the amount of times that Suarez's
individual brilliance has won us games or saved us from defeat.

There is no denying that Suarez comes with huge baggage, but to say
Liverpool would be a better team without him - at least at this moment
in time until our youth mature - is just ridiculous. And overall the
stats agree with me.

Do you agree with Soji? Let us know below. YNWA!!!!