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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PROFILE: Meet Verastic!!!!

 Hey dears,
I am more excited than you, honestly. She's a blogging celeb (she will disagree) and I hope to be like her when I grow up; am just 12. Meet Verastic!!!

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VERA: In Her Own Words

 Bio: I was born in Russia – not mistakenly. My parents were there for med school, and they were married.  When we relocated to Nigeria, we lived in Jos, Plateau State. I hear that Jos is no longer what it used to be, not even a shadow of its former self.  I have lived in the United States for most of my life now, and I know that I am in for a rude awakening when I get home. I know that, and I'm looking forward to that --- and some hot suya and cold Fanta.

How Verastic started: I used to run an online group on MSN, and it was so much fun that people could join, start threads, respond to threads, upload pictures, and much more. Then I found out about the idea of blogging, and I could not be happier. I started blogging semi anonymously seven years ago (with my name, but not with my picture), and then, in January of last year, I lost my anonymity. I’m not yet used to always posting my pictures. It’s weird.

I started blogging just to share my thoughts (and there were also some things happening in my life then), but just as I have grown, my blog has also grown. When I read back on old posts, I am amazed. I’m so grateful that I have an avenue to express myself, and most of all, I am grateful for the people who read my blog and leave comments.

Hurdles I’ve Crossed: I don’t know if I have crossed them per se. What happens is that I set a goal for myself, and then, the moment I get close to it, I shift the goal. It’s good because it keeps me fighting, but it’s bad because it makes me feel like I have not accomplished anything. But I have. And I know I have.

One of the major struggles that I think most bloggers have is discovering their blogging identity, and I had the same issue. Every now and then, I try to refocus my blog, trying to figure out what exactly I should be blogging about. Sometimes, I feel like I should have a tighter niche, but I have accepted my natural niche: lifestyle. I am a lifestyle blogger, and I absolutely love being so.

Advice for newbie bloggers: Hmmmm. Enjoy the craft. Blogging is a beautiful thing, and it can make you rich and famous, but before all else, it is a labor of love. Maybe you will get rich and famous. Maybe you won’t. Enjoy it for what it is.

Maybe you don’t know what exactly you want to blog about, and that’s okay. Explore your interests, and have fun while doing it. But don’t try to be like any other blogger. Just be you. Have your voice, and have your style.
Most importantly, you have to read Verastic (click here)! (and Eky`s Corner too)

Thank you Vera. I am certain someone is inspired, I know I am. Okay, keep a date with us for the next, interesting, young, role model. You know I have love for you all.

Hugs my darlings!!! 


  1. Eky,

    Thank you so much for this. I'm blushing here. And yes, she would definitely disagree on being a blogging celeb. She's still a little girl :-)

  2. Thank you, LITTLE CELEBRITY Vera....the honour is mine!!!