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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

COUPLE TALK; Let`s Talk About SEX!!!!!

Hey there,

So this is more for the married folk (yeah, that`s my own disclaimer). Singles or fellas in a relationship, well you could take notes. Under 18's? You have no business with this one oh, gba oso quickly.

Okay. I was talking to a married aunt who was comparing the differences in our generations, mine and hers. She mentioned that she and her friends were only recently able to discuss their sexual frustrations amongst themselves; it was still difficult to broach the subject, even with her husband. 

I compared her generation to mine; and thanked my stars for when I was born. Believe me, if I were born in medieval times, I`d probably have been burnt for speaking up for the downtrodden or something. I wonder why I should not be able to speak to my husband about sex (when I get married). Or why I should be considered wanton if I do. I mean, I should be able to tell him if there is something he should do differently; and vice versa. He wouldn't want me discussing it with another man now, would he?

Let's hear your 2cents loves. Have a beautiful Tuesday!!!!!!


  1. I agree, tell me what ur sex needs are and i will try to satisfy. even if it means incorporating a sex toy or butt plug even, it helps for good relationship..........and both parties are less inclined to cheat on one another........but if the man secretary tight and wife don add weight become orobo.....hmmm....wey my condoms?

    1. Somebody is going 50 Shades of Grey here. Mrs. Chikezie, take note and come out of the closet.smiling...

  2. Sex between married couples is expected to be enjoyed and the only way this can happen is when the couple tell each other what they like and are comfortable with (please note that this is also a very important form of communication which is very important in married) if couples don't do this how will the husband know he is satisfying his wife and vice versa.

  3. Right on: I agree. Its a shame when couples can't be honest with themselves in every ramification of their marriage. Thanks for stopping by.