Story: RAPE- The most Horrific Night of My Life!!!


Today`s story has got me in a somber mood. It comes really close to home for, reasons best known to me. However, I will let you come to your conclusions and we`ll share them in the comments box.


U-JAY's TALE; The Most Horrific Night Of My Life 

 Each time I close my eyes i could easily flash back to that night;the most horrific of my life.
It was  few months to my 17th birthday, just fresh out of secondary school six months earlier. Young, beautiful, innocent, naive and with a promising future. The world was at its prime for me and I was just beginning to dream. Am not one to accord myself praise but at that age, I was a sight to behold; tall, slim and with a figure you could call eight, I had long hair, my gait was like those on fashion runways. My Mom used to say that heads turned while I walked. Above all, I was (and still am) a devout catholic who took my faith seriously thanks to my upbringing.

On that fateful day, my parents had travelled to the monastery with my elder brothers for prayers and I was supposed to visit my younger sister in her school. With bags fully packed I was off. I spent a few hours with her. My story actually began when it was time to go home in the evening. The road became deserted. I wasn't myself anymore, kind of oblivious of my environment. I was lucky (or so I thought) when a good samaritan offered to take me home in his car but instead of taking me home, he checked into a small hotel. At that time, I did not know what a hotel was or anything about the 's' word. It was getting dark and my helper was not making a move, when I tried to tell him that the hotel had no close resemblance to my house, his countenance changed.
Then came the horrific part, he tried to take my clothes off and do his thing but I wouldn't give in not without a fight and when it seemed like he wasn't having his way, he tried to suffocate me with a pillow by putting his weight on it with my under me for seconds on end. I was literally breathless. I could have died that night but The God of the innocent is always alive. He saved me. My parents were at the right place that night. I was later told they went searching for me and followed my trail to the hotel.
Till this day, almost ten years later, how I survived that night is still a mystery to me. Like   Pope John Paul II and Malala who forgave their offenders, I forgive mine too. 

Sometimes we go through unpleasant experiences to learn life lessons.

What do you think? It has taken her some years to be able to speak up. If you have questions for U-jay, post them here and she will respond. Thanks.


So glad you were saved. Some men are just criminal master minds when it comes to women.

Ujay says:
Thank you ma. It leaves some scars and took me a while to be able to share. I hope some other person can learn from my story

Sorry I don't mean to be rude, and hide under anonymous, but the story does not make sense, He took u to a hotel? Why did you not stop in the reception? Even at the age of 13 I knew these rules. Again how did your parents trace you? Did you leave a trail of bread crumbs? Then if they traced you had he already ripped your clothes? Sorry to say this but your story is not platable. Sorry about your female abuse not rape dear.

Okay. I wish to say though that we should not judge. She did not write this for it to be palatable, but in order that other young women learn lessons from this as well as those traumatized to learn that there is hope even after such an ordeal.

Sorry about that particular incidence, though the story is devoid of certain details. I would love to know if the suspect was arrested, since your parents traced you to the hotel.
Most girls who suffer similar experiences nowadays tends to brush it under the carpet, as in most cases, they don't know where to report such cases. They need to know if the law enforcement agencies could be of any help- ãήϑ which in particular.
How about the non-Governmental agencies, can a̶̲̥̅̊ victim trust them for assistance?
Thank you

U-jay says;
I have to thank d commenter for his concern, I really appreciate that.
And NO! He wasn't arrested,my parents didn't know how to go around it and they also wanted it to all go away. Plus they were more concerned about me; not that arresting the culprit is not necessary.

Eky says; Felix, usually people are afraid to contact the necessary bodies because of the stigmatization.. However, we have begun and you to do can do your quota by spreading the word. Thanks for dropping by.