Good Guys and the FRIENDZONE: Fact or Fiction???

Top of the day to you, my beautiful and handsome reader. (Yes, you have been bestowed the status by yours truly, even if you don`t think so. So make some noise) I trust you all are having a swell start to your week. Am here with you, so you can bet I am.

This is a sequel to God girls like bad guys; Fact or Fiction???? (click to read, if you didn`t). I have to mention that it was sparked by a conversation I had with a certain young man (a good guy, I`d like to think), on Saturday night. He had not even seen the previous post but it was the subject of our discourse. He, is of the opinion that girls no longer want gentlemen, but prefer 'thugs with money'. Furthermore, that gentlemen are quickly relegated to the FRIENDZONE.

I am of the opinion that many guys get 'Friendzoned' because they do not speak up.
Mayhap (I love old English), they have dropped hints that went ignored; then they keep being a friend in the hope that, someday she`ll have an epiphany and you'll just appear before her in mental TV screen, with Boyz II Men`s 'I Finally Know' playing in the background. If so, wake up dear brother; that happens mostly in the movies. You have heard the idiom "the best place to hide is in plain sight" right?

However, his arguments got me playing devil`s advocate with myself. What if truly we have come to abhor true gentle-manliness and treat it with disdain? How come many young men who still know and practice chivalry, can't get the girl they want, but watch her fall for the wrong sort of guy; only to have her come cry on their shoulders, when it topples like a game of Dominoes? Have we as a society, truly lost all value for decency and etiquette?

Girls and guys, let me know your opinions please. You know I look forward to learning from you all. Hugs my darlings!!!



The infamous Friendzone. A place where good guys are kept for eternal scrutiny, trying to find out if he's the right one. While the G outside gets the slice of the heart 'n the other heart ;), rips them apart and we're back to square one. The friend tries to do the mending again, but this time the former of the two hearts. :D

Pheew! What a cycle. The only person I wish that zone for, is of course the man controlling my salary. :|