Boundaries; Where do we draw a line at Copy-Catting???

Today is Thought inspired Thursday. So, its thinking all the way.

A boundary is defined as ' a limit of a subject or an activity'.


This definition bests suits me this morning and brings me to the crux of today`s discourse. Where will we draw a line at our love, no copy-catting of the West? These days, we do everything foreign. Dress, talk, lifestyle. EVERYTHING. 

Do not get me wrong, I am not anti-progress. I have benefitted from Westernization; case in point, me talking to you via this means. However, we need to draw a line. As we have fast begun to loose our very essence as Africans. A lot of persons my age and younger can not speak their mother tongue. Many people do not know the road to their villages, let alone their history.

Anything home-grown is automatically considered inferior. Whilst I am not playing advocate for the things we should improve upon, this is a misnomer. When did it become okay for our young ladies to keep spilling out of their dresses in the name of fashion? Or to post nude pictures of themselves on social media to gain followership or attract attention? Worse still, we follow them in order to grant them their heart`s desires; only to turn and abuse them. Law of demand and supply again at play.

What happened to good, old fashioned 'home training' that our parents and grandparents tried to teach us? The principle of not 'Sparing the rod, in order not to Spoil the child'? Yet, we keep blaming the government for all our issues. Even the ones we should have the 'good sense' to stop. Or is it true that "THE COMMON SENSE APP IN MOST OF US HAS BEEN DELETED FROM THE HARD DRIVE?"

Let me know your thoughts!!!!