No to Under-age Marriage; She`s a Child, Not a Bride!!!

I wonder what was going through the Senators' minds as they voted to allow a girl of any age, as long as she is married, to be considered an adult. Did they remember their daughters. At birth. At 6months in their diapers (or napkins). At 3, running with their pudgy legs to welcome them back from work. At 9/10, going into Secondary/High School. At 16/17, going into the University. I rest here, because at this point, they are ADULT.

So why do they want to take away a girl's right to grow to adulthood before marriage? The spin offs or ripple effect if you will, are enormous. No choice about education, a
career, whom to marry, when to marry, when to have children. Because she will be a CHILD-BRIDE; a CHILD-MUM. Its like having a Coach-player at the helm of affairs at a very big football club. Most of the tactics are trial and error. Let`s face it, a coach-player is better prepared for their tasks; they have a say in the way things are run. This Child has NO CHOICE.

It hurts so much that  am physically away from a petition signing center. Thus, I have decided to make as much noise as I can about this on here. I implore you, go to the nearest petition signing center and append your signature. If you are unable to reach one, please click here to sign this online one. Let's get the SENATE to withdraw this infamous law, that takes us back to the DARK-AGES.

I love you all.


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