Good Girls like Bad Guys; Boma Speaks!!!

Here comes Boma (we forgive him for being away). Happy reading. 


If you have seen the movie Hitch by Will Smith, they was a scene where he caught his girlfriend making out with another guy in the back of the guys car and went to knock on the window of the car 'Melissa! Melissa!! What did I do wrong?' He inquired in tears, the guy making out with his girl friend replies 'dude! You are doing it'. What can I infer from that? He was a wuss!

Now to the subject... Do good girls really like bad guys? Honestly, throughout my teenage years and very early in adulthood, i felt good girls actually liked bad guys but as i made this journey to the stage I am in I realized good girls actually prefer good guys. Good girls and even bad girls want a MAN, watch the word carefully. Man here is not just the noun here, it is an adjective in this context. No woman, I repeat no woman wants a push about or a wuss! I am not trying to be a sexist here but women like their men to take control.


In most cases the 'good guys' never step up to the plate, the 'so called bad boys' step up to the plate because in most cases, they do what they want to do without necessarily waiting for approval from the girls. Most times the 'so called bad boys' know how to get what they want, they speak their minds and are not shy about what they want. They don't die in silence.

Like I said in the second paragraph, women actually prefer good guys. Good guys that take charge and take control without it being noticed that they are in control. A guy that gives her the necessary attention but also knows how to give her space, he knows when to be firm on his stance and knows when to relax, he knows when to play and if he has to express himself he does. I've grown to understand women don't like guys that are always sorry or a guy they can control. A good guy that knows how to treat a lady in the right doses of romance, adventure and intrigue has the potential to make a lot of women want him.

I will end with this quote again from the movie Hitch 'any man can sweep any woman off her feet as long as the right broom!' Oh yes! Any man, good or bad. Good girls actually like bad guys but prefer good guys.

I have to say, I agree, see here. Do you? Let us know