Hey guys,

So here`s the English translation of Danny`s write up the other day. Its especially for all you ajebutters who don`t understand pidgin English *winks. Have a great time reading!!!

I will build you bridges

But we have no rivers

Then I will build dams

That's not our priority

What would you have me do then?

How about asking for the right motives,
The willingness to serve,
The eagerness for positive change
Which will engender productivity
And provision of the basics
We truly deserve as a people from a blessed race

My people, you ask amiss
We will give you all that and even more
At least we've been trying, haven't we?
Especially in the few months before the polls
We garnish our tenures with speedy projects
All aimed at winning your hearts

But why do you desire to win our hearts at the eleventh hour?

Because we try to make you count

Oh! So we don't count?

Not as much as you think

So why bother with us then

Because we need a populace to govern and lord over
That's the sweetest elixir of power
At least we can't live forever
But we can make living count like forever

Oh! What a shame
Heaven surely has no space for your ilk

Ha ha ha ha! Who cares
Our paradise surely starts from here
You can wait for yours, we can't care less
We are a very patient lot, at least while on earth
So why shouldn't we enjoy our fruits right here when it is polling time
And leave the the ones in the afterlife to you the governed

I wish I never came from this race
Because you guys are so unremorsefully filled with avarice

Too late my kinsman, too late
Maybe you would have that wish granted in the next life
For now, bear your cross
Ye are the governed and we are the rulers
We are the political ruling class.

A SATIRE on The Retrogressively Minded Rulers of Africa

Daniel Omizu-Ojadua

Twitter: @dannyomizu