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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fashion Trends; Forward or Fallen???


I begin like this because the things I see sometimes are beyond my comprehension (and that of the sane, in my opinion; I may be wrong oh). Kindly look at some of the things I mean and then.........


Enter the ladies...........


Okay, enough already. I have saved some of the more ludicrous ones for my private collection of laughs. But am sure by now, you know where am going with this. What on earth will possess a grown man to put on a pair of PINK pants? And in broad daylight too, no less. All I can and have said in the past to such a brother is, ' I've got to hand it to you; you`ve got GUTS!!!' (PUN intended). That`s the worst fashion faux pas, I think.

Am all for looking fashionable and bright, dazzling  if you will. However, I do not subscribe to looking like a myriad of NEON Lights in the name of colour blocking!!! Do you???

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