Of Soldiers and BRT Buses!!!!!


This is sickening. This is the handiwork of soldiers in a commercial and residential town; a cosmopolitan city, Lagos. Today, the 4th of July, 2014.

"What led to this?", is the next logical question. A soldier was knocked down by a BRT bus on the BRT lane in Lagos, during the early hours of this morning. HE WAS NOT KILLED. According to my friend who witnessed it, he got up and started to make calls, in a bid to deal with the BRT driver who ran away. They on the scene, were pleading with him, but he refused.

"What came after?" The picture you saw earlier. Some soldiers in a bid to avenge their supposed colleague's death or bruised ego (can't say which now), took to Ikorodu Road in Lagos, burning BRT buses; leading to the buses being unavailable and tons of people being stranded at the various BRT stands across the state.

"Snowball effect?" People unable to move. HUGE TRAFFIC, in a state with traffic problem. Missed appointments, business opportunities. Arriving home at past midnight from a day's job. Possible stoppage of the BRT buses. A negative effect on the economy of the state and country in turn.

"Reasons for this"; the recalcitrance/unruliness/recklessness of some persons in the military who are supposed to protect the citizenry (at least that's a part of their oath and creed).

Just another Friday in Lagos, Nigeria. Add this to the #BringBackOurGirls fiasco, Boko Haram, Bombings everywhere and what do you have? The current tale of my country Nigeria.