Of Saints and Sinners!!!!!

Hello there beautiful people, I trust your day has been better than mine so far. It has been wet, cold and pretty much annoying so far; I hope the rest of it will be better. It has to be (am writing afterall). Pretty much feeling like the opposite of a saint right now (and I don't mean sinner; I mean the one that has horns). But forgive me, I digress.


So we've all been in either stated category at one time or another (if you have only been in one camp, I lack the words to say to you). Many times, we often cross this line whilst remaining oblivious to the fact. To avoid confusion, let me state what I mean by Saint and Sinner (yes na, my dictionary is different from the regular one most times). You have been a saint to someone when by your words or actions you have blessed them, made their lives better, eased their pain, been a source of comfort to him/her.

On the other side of the divide, you've sinned when you wrong someone (either knowingly or inadvertently). Most times, normal humans err without meaning to; either because of circumstances beyond one's control or because it cannot be helped. Now if you are a repeat offender, chances are you won't be considered normal o (Just saying).

Anyway, I'm wondering why we tend to play judge over supposed sinners when we've all sinned. We are very quick to judge others; we quickly forget that IT COULD BE YOU.

Am out people, let's be tolerant with each other....