FRIDAY BLUES; Long Distance Love!!!!!

Enters blog singing "Thank God its Friday".

Hey awesome people on EKYVILLE. I trust you are having a fabulous Friday; if you aren't, I pray the rest of your day gets better than the way it started. Its a weekend, so there's lots of writing, cooking, movies, recording podcasts and a new novel on my agenda (feel free to share yours below). Let's get into the business of the day, shall we? (DRUMROLLS)


Now that's a beautiful sentiment, is it not? I think it is. If only it can be maintained for the
duration of the relationship, how blissful it would be. But that's not always how the story goes. 

More often than not, distance does take its toll on relationships. Lack of a physical closeness, or even emotionally. It could begin to wane with time as some people begin to find it tedious to make effort to communicate with their partners who are far away. Then, the sentiments in the first picture, begin to give way to 


My take? Be sure its a relationship that means a lot to you; such that 'communication won't become a chore you abhore, but a joy you enjoy'. (I just had to do that, I love playing with words; but you know this already). It has been known to work for those who kept at it; and its relatively easier to be in constant communication these days; what with emails, BBM, Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the various forms of social media out there. I have a number of friends and family who have married their 'long- distance loves'. What if you were in a different-country relationship when there were only landlines and before the advent of e-mails? I doff my hat to the people who married 'obodo oyibo' husbands in those days and had to wait for letters via NIPOST and go to business centers to make and receive calls then (unu anwaka biko; una try well well).

What do you think? Find time in your busy Friday to let me know, will ya? 


Depends On Some Many Things But What You've Said Is True.....

Very many thanks for stopping by and agreeing with me. I'd love some insight on the very many things though.

Depends on what is at stake and how both parties feel for each other and what it is they expect. But both parties must make continued effort to atleast see 1s in a month or in 2months. Like they said - body no be firewood....:-)