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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Love and Genotypes: The AS vs AS Question!!!!!!

Its July. The last half of 2014 is upon us. Hope your end of the year will be better than the beginning. Now unto some serious food for thought. While I was ill, news filtered to me that a couple I was looking forward to attending their wedding next month had called off the wedding and gone their separate ways. I wept unashamedly when I was told the reason they had to split; during their pre-wedding medical tests, they were both found to be of the AS genotype. After mulling on the matter for days, heartbroken, they decided to be sensible and let go of each other and love one another from afar.
I can only imagine how they both are feeling at the moment; at odds with the world, crushed and truly heartbroken. I also commend their courage to be sensible and think with their heads as opposed to with their hearts, in view of the impending medical implications of their genotypes. Wow (heaves a huge sigh)........

Emotions and common sense would naturally be at war in a situation like this. For the neophyte, two persons with the AS genotype should not marry; as they have a one-in-four chance of producing a child with Sickle Cell Anemia. An AS is a carrier of the disease and thus, is at risk when married to another carrier. The only way a carrier will escape the sickle cell child will be to marry someone whose genotype is AA.

Now this is easy if you meet an AA person and develop a relationship with them as an AS; the implication of this would be, you have to find out your genotypes the minute the relationship is becoming serious (some crazy person would say in pidgin 'no AA, no love' butfar be it from me to spew that kind of common sense o *HugeGrin*)....... Think about it though; it saves all measures of heartbreak later on to be sensible in the beginning. If a couple of AS carriers damn the consequences and go ahead to marry because they are in love, the best will be the that they'll have AS children all round. Not to imagine the heartache and pain they'll subject themselves and their child to, if he/she is a sickler.

Make we get sense dey love biko. I guess that saying 'LOVE IS BLIND' is no longer true. Let me know what you think darlings. I got love for you all......

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