Love Palaver: Right person, Wrong time!!!!!!!!

"Bad boys ain`t no good......
Good boys ain`t no fun........"

Mary J.Blige's voice is belting those words in my ear and in typical "Eky" fashion, I am lost. In a train of thought. About love and getting caught up in a web.


So loving and being in love is the most wonderful thing; especially when it is reciprocated. The sky becomes bluer, food tastes better, even when its supposed to taste like sawdust- you don`t particularly care. One`s perspective on life takes on a more positive hue; "LIFE IS GOOD" becomes your catch phrase/modus operandi. This of course, is when there is no encumbrance to this "LOVE".

What about when love is wrong? Say you meet your 'spec' of a lady and you get friendly; with each passing conversation, you become convinced that she's the one you want. When you broach the subject of making it a bit more serious than 'just friends', she drops a bombshell; she just got engaged 3weeks ago. Brothers can totally relate to what am saying.

How about it girls? Somehow you came across that 'supercool, very intelligent bloke'; who fits in with your ideal of what your man should act and sound like; he's courteous, listens to you and plenty of fun. You laugh like you haven't laughed in decades with him and in your head, you can already see a beautiful relationship with you two and maybe even kids (who knows, right *HugeGrin)? Then in the next conversation where you hope to drop a hint, he starts it with "am attending a party with my girlfriend, so I might not talk to you until tomorrow morning.

Aha. You now begin to see where am going, am sure. That heart slumping, instant sadness that catches you for an instant. you feel a certain pang/sense of loss if you will. Or don't you? Here's hoping you'll let me know.....

PS..... I hope you all have the week I've been having; it's been tiring, but great. 



Young woman,

Well done. I love the way your thoughts come together. You write rather brilliantly. Keep it up. Chudi Umeh

Thank you for your kind words. I am humbled. Do keep reading