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Thursday, August 07, 2014

When "Bad" is "Good" for you!!!

Beautiful/handsome reader, I declare today a "Trouble/Turbulence-free Thursday" for us all. Yes, it's raining again: but that could also be a way of staying "out" of trouble. No? (Huge Grin)

Now, this title may seem contentious:‎ but when we stop and think about it, we have all been there. Now, I see and hear all your minds  working overtime and I'm going to ask you to get your mind out of the sexual innuendo gutters alright; jeez, is that all you guys think about? Pardon me, I digress.

When I was in SS 1, there was this huge and expensive perfume my dad got. He had others, and those ones were accessible to us. But this particular one he hid became "All So Important". The thrill was in not getting caught while using it. Oh, we felt all so cool then, thinking we had gone unnoticed until one day, the old man called us casually and handed the perfume to us to take to school (we were boarders). His words "since you have more need of it than me, as can be smelt on those jeans, you and Dumebi can keep it." Our jaws dropped to the floor‎, first in shock, then fear, then relief that our punishment was cool. What did we know?

On getting to school, I noticed something curious after sometime. We stopped using the perfume after the first few days. ‎Eventually, it was our friends who were the beneficiaries of my dad's largess. That experience was an eye opener for me. Sometimes, you know something's bad for you: yet the thrill of acquiring it outweighs the guilt you feel over your wrongdoing. That was what I learnt from that experience, and some other scenarios have reinforced this over the years.

So from the bad, I gained a good lesson. Lets not forget there was the thrill too. Now, I know that's not the 'churchy' answer am supposed to give. But you ain't my priest and this ain't the confessional. So am safe (chuckles). Don't worry, we'll examine the sexual implications of bad being good in another post. Soon too. 



  1. I knew you must have been mischievous as a youngster. You sound that way even now.
    Nice article and honest too. Kudos Chudi Umeh

    1. Thank you Chudi. Mischievous? Me? I plead the 5th. Lol

  2. Replies
    1. Why am I just seeing your reply Elvis? Yayyyyyy. Thanks hun.
      But am nice o.

    2. Why am I just seeing your reply Elvis? Yayyyyyy. Thanks hun.
      But am nice o.