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Friday, August 08, 2014

Freaky Friday: Salt and Water blues!!!!

A fab, fantastic Friday‎ to you and you and me.
However, there are some freaky things going on worldwide. I mean, I went to bed on Thursday and before I woke up, Hamas had broken the ceasefire and fired some rockets Israel's way: then a new, dramatic 'all in one' cure for the ebola virus that is now threatening us in Naija had been discovered: SALT and WATER to bathe with before 6am. Talk about a Freaky Friday!!!!

Nigeria has always been the land of happy, hopeful people. We've always had the ability to smile even whilst our backs broke under the weight of our numerous problems: a thieving leadership, corruption, no jobs, no light, poverty and the myriad of other things. Then, we've also always had hope in buckets. God will give us a good leader: by faith, jobs will appear: operation find your husband/wife today: and ‎a host of other 'wonderful' prayer points and revival themes and crusade missions plus the numerous 'all nights'.

But salt and water to bathe before 6am as a cure for Ebola?
Really???? Haba Naija. 'Na so this our poverty mentality don hammer us reach?' And the sad thing is how fast these preposterous rumours and theories spread: thanks to BBM and social media accessibility. What baffles more though, is why the said people won't bother to use their devices to check Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo for information. Our gullibility is quite unprecedented. But the blame lies with the leadership and elected/appointed officials who will not tell Nigerians the truth because they are too busy in their 'thievery'.

Well, let me go and have a curry, Maggi and thyme water bath. Wish me luck!!!!!