‎KopCorner: And The New Season is almost Here!!!!!

My red family, hello again. 

It's been a summer filled with activity, what with the World Cup, transfer activity and of course the pre-season and ICC participation. But it still didn't quite make up for the loss of EPL and oh yes, CL action with our dearly beloved Liverpool FC in action.

What a season 2013/2014 turned out to be. We #DaredToDream. #WeGoAgain became the mantra, especially with our last run of 14 games. It was quite exhilarating to watch Liverpool come from nowhere (in the opinion of the opposition) and challenge for the Barclays Premier League title. Suarez was a beast at goal, Sturridge a close second. And the rest of the team were phenomenal. Inspite of our defensive mishaps, we came second. As opposed to the season before that when we were 7th. Plus, Champions League nights at Anfield for the coming season became a surety. It was particularly joyful for me to see the Mancs go down to our former position.

Then came the World Cup. Suarez's infamous bite and transfer saga all over again. Let me say my official farewell to Luisito here. Thank ‎you for your efforts to bring CL football back to us and helping us get to second spot. I think it's a shame that the CL nights you spoke so glowingly about, you won't experience. Goodluck at Barca and hope you become the legend there that you could easily have become here. 

Now, Suarez leaving seemed to have created a huge vacuum, impossible to fill. We got Lallana, Lambert and Lovren from Southampton: Can, Markovic, Origi from Europe and Manquillo 's with us on loan. It was amusing to see what other fans/pundits had to say about our purchases: 'no big names', 'LFC's gone on a spending spree', 'Liverpool is now Liverhampton', etc. The most interesting were the Suarez side comments and comparing us with Spurs last season. It was amusing because I wonder if they watch the same football I do.

Suarez may have been the star of last season's show, but we MUST NOT forget the director from behind the scenes‎, our gaffer and coach Brendan Rodgers. He it is who has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in people. Case in point? See Skrtel. He put in some of his best performances last season (which also made his lapses very, very costly). Skrtel scored a total of 11 goals last season, 4 of them were own goals. However he was a rallying point for a settling in Sakho (especially as Agger wasn't in the starting 11).
For a more palatable one, Sterling after a shaky start became the lad we wanted to see (next to the SAS). If anyone thinks Brendan was just lucky with those players, they should read Coutinho's last interview and see his performance against BVB in yesterday's friendly: but I digress.

We can't forget the martial, general of the troops. He may not be as agile and as mobile as he used to be and who can forget the slip against Chelsea, but Steven Gerrard is still a rallying point for the team. He may not start many games, but those trademark passes and his love for the club remains a huge inspiration for his teammates. 

Now 2014/2015 starts a few days away. We have a lot more work to do, to cement our top four position and prove we didn't get there by a fluke. ‎Lots of people think that with El Pistolero gone, LFC's chances are dim. I'll quote a friend and fellow kopite here "Suarez is not replaceable, his goals are". It felt the same when Dalglish, Keegan, Rush, Fowler, Owen and Torres left. However with the signings in the bag and a few more to go, we are on the right track. Hopefully we'll get Moreno, striker and a back up goal keeper before the window wraps up. 

To the 'doomsday squad' who masquerade as Kop fans and never see anything good until it starts happening, I'll say 'hold your horses, watch and see'. It may make you feel better/more confident to watch the last friendly between us and Borussia Dortmund to tide you over until the games start. One thing I have always‎ admired about the amazing club I support is the fact that no player is greater than the institution called Liverpool Football Club.

Let the games begin. YNWA mates!!!!


This is good sis! You are one of the best minds on LFC...We will never walk alone.....

Humbled by the compliments. Thanks a lot dear.

I am awed by the fact that a girl/lady is a Liverpool supporter. You write brilliantly. Even though you are officially the enemy (I support United), I say well done. Chudi

#YNWA....... Forever. well done. Emmanuel