Sexual Fantasies; Can/Do/Will you share them with your partner?

Hullo, beautiful people on EKYVILLE. I trust your Monday has been marvelous and your weekend super, too. If you are in Nigeria and for some reason didn't get to rest at the weekend, you are in for a treat. There's a weekend before the weekend this week-end, so hang in there; okay?

DISCLAIMER: Now, this is for those who are legally espoused or legally old enough to be in a relationship. if you are below 18, kindly close this post NOW. So, we can continue. 

So virtually everyone, has at one time or another dreamt about being carried off by Superman; or being taken care of by a super sexy nurse in a mini uniform. Some fantasies are of course, a little to the extreme involving whips, handcuffs, ice-picks (yeah, I saw Basic Instinct just like you did) ; more adapted to the tastes of Christian Grey (50 Shades of Grey). Its okay to admit it; afterall, you are reading this by yourself. Besides, no one is going to judge you. I certainly don't have a right to (whispers, I'm as weird as you!)

Can you share your sexual fantasies with your spouse/partner? Would they think you weird or creepy if you do? Or, would they chuckle and buy a costume the next time they go shopping? There are a ton of questions that will lead you to answering this question, am sure. However, I think you should consider it truthfully. Plenty spouses and partners begin to complain about a monotony/drag in their sex lives as the relationship/partnership gets older. In a few years, that guy/girl who could not wait to get their hands on you every night is fast asleep before he/she can leave the sofa.

If kept within reasonable limits, sexual role playing can add the required 'pizazz' or perk -up to a dying sex life between couples. Of course, both parties have to agree to what 'reasonable limits' are. The more in-sync you both are, the easier and better it will be for the both of you. If you both are the kinky sort, goodluck to you. Just don't kill each other while you are it okay?

So talk to Eky. Will you share your fantasy/role-play with your spouse? Let me know in the comments corner. Hugs!!!


If she is the type who is adventurous, then yes. I will. But I wonder how adventurous Nigerian ladies are these days.