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Monday, October 14, 2013

Miley VS RiRi; Naughty, Naughtier, Naughtiest!!!

 So its battle of the Hollywood baddies today; Miley VS RiRi (that's just alphabetically done o). I couldn't help but put down my thoughts as they have been all over the place whether I wanted to see them or not.

      Miley Cyrus and Some Cleavage         VS       

Both girls have never been my favourites at anytime. They do have a number of songs in their repertoire that can be found on my playlist though.

MILEY 'Hannah Montanna' CYRUS: I remember coming home and having to watch the 'Hannah Montana' series. My baby sister loved it so much that with time, I began to be familiar with Miley. I liked, the sassy, funny character she played on the show + I found out she was Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter. Fast forward to the movie with her character title and some songs. Then the fuss about Jamie Foxx saying she would end up on the pole, and having to apologize to her and her camp. Double the speed to her recent break-up with Liam Hemsworth, VMAs twerk-fest and raunchy pictures and videos. She has gone a long way in a short time.

ROBYN 'Rihanna/RiRi' FENTY; So there was this huge dance song 'Pon de Replay' by a Barbados girl with the cute accent all over the radio and MTV. I thought she was too much of a 'Beyonce' wanna be until she came out with her 'Good girl gone bad' album and she won my respect with songs like Rehab, Hate that I love you, Shut up and drive, Take a bow, Umbrella, Cry. Enter the Chris Brown drama and everything that has gone downhill since then. The tattoos. Raunchy performances. Barely there clothes. Recent porn video.

Eky's 2 cents; Both of them are trying too hard to be the S.I. Unit of badness. To make a statement. Since Rihanna began this journey first, we'll say that Miley is the new RiRi. Until RiRi decided to one-up Miley's VMAs twerk-queen drama and teach her how to do it bare bottom, Carribean style. Unfortunately, they live and work in a world where "BAD IS THE NEW GLAM'. Miley's album is No 1 on iTunes; most likely as a result of the curiousity aroused by her recent drama. And RiRi; well, we are getting used to it, aren't we?

WORD TO THEM BOTH; Can they quit the fiasco and go back to making songs we'll love? Or distracting us from the songs they ought to push in our faces. Wrecking Ball is actually a great, sad song. It gives me hope that good, ol, 'Hannah Montana' is trapped in the "Miley' we see currently.

Later my loves!!!!

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