Men Vs Women: Double Standards!!!!!!!

'Racy intro again Eky', someone sitting by me just said. That elicited a grin from me: so I have a thing for the controversial. They have got to be talked about by someone, it might as well be me. Hello darling reader, I trust you have been well. I decided to help you fight the chills this morning with an issue that's almost always guaranteed to fire you up. Its another Battle of the Sexes.

So one of my best buds had a status on his BlackBerry that is responsible for this train of thoughts. It read "A guy cheats and all women conglomerate to insult him; a woman cheats and all women conclude its the guy's fault." Well, something along those lines. And in typical EKY fashion, my mind went adrift. I wondered about how true this statement was, if it was applicable in reverse fashion. And I came to realize that we generally tend to practice double standards....

Haven't you ever noticed that when in groups, most of the time the conversation quickly turns to what members of the opposite sex have done wrong; who's dumped who, who's cheating on who, admiring who, etc.....depending on which is gathered. Where you've got sisters, its about Grace's new catch, Lola's hubby's new squeeze, how Ifeyinwa's man went clubbing without her and what it must mean. Usually, there is a general consensus in the negative (most of the interpretations during such discourse sessions blame the member of the opposing sex) for whatever is seemingly wrong.

Guys aren't exempt from this am afraid; after all the macho stuff, football and the likes, conversations tend to quickly turn to the 'ladies'. Its normal to discuss them. However, is it proper to always lay blame at the door of the other party, who's not there to defend themselves? Is it so difficult to accept that we/a member of our sex could be at fault without it degenerating to a male vs female fight?

Would love your two cents on the matter. Cheerios!!!!