Musing; Of Valentine and Expensive Gifts!!!!!

  Whew. (I just finished clearing the cobwebs from on here and my brain as well;it was no mean feat,I assure you. The stars and moon had refused to align themselves into the position for my writing. *chuckles). And that's how I welcome you to this corner today. I have missed you, dear journal.

              Its that time of the year again, isn't it?

 So the image above kinda tells you how its going down today.  

I couldn't resist adding the lips, (after all,for most of you that's what it is about,isn't?) I know,the ayes have it. 

Okay, enough of the clowning. I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine and it gravitated to the issue of spending on Valentine. It is now 'almost a given' that ladies around here want to be 'WOWED' during holidays, particularly Valentine. In the opinion of my friend and most young men, it will involve breaking out the bankbook/clearing the bank vault to impress a young lady at this time.

Truly, it is a great time to re-affirm your feelings of love and affection to your significant other. However, it must not be very expensive (at least in my opinion). With creativity, you could still have the Valentine of your dreams without bankrupting yourself. If you have been paying attention to her during conversations, she may have hinted at something she longs for;maybe an experience, a possession, anything. Giving that to her will go a long way to cement yourself in her heart; it sure will be preferable to the most expensive dinner at that fancy place (unless she loves the expensive restaurant scene; in which case, man up and bear it *grins*).

And Nigerian ladies, do me a favour. Don't buy that man socks and boxers this Val,I implore you. I am tired of hearing that that's all we women know how to give. I prepared a gift bag for an ex's cousin; she wanted socks, and polish for her bobo. Talk about a serious lack of imagination. Of course, I ignored her and went with my gut. I got thanked by her later.

For my darling Valentine/significant other, you know where I want to go now. That idyllic scene at that resort, at sunset. That's exactly what I want o. Sorry, we'll drink garri afterwards, together. And I have a trailer load of speedos for you (at least its not boxers na).  That's how much I love you.

Later my darlings.


See u, u wan make he carry u go resort but na speedos u wan gie am... Hian... Lovely piece though, well done

Hehehehe........At least its an upgrade from boxers na.....Thanks honey. And I wont give him only speedos, no worry