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Friday, January 03, 2014

KOP CORNER; How My Romance with Liverpool FC began!!!!

Hullo there,

This is to honour a promise I made to a faithful reader and friend of mine. I also thought it documentation worthy, for my children and those yet unborn; just incase they wonder, 'this woman's LFC madness, how did it start sef? *grins*. At the end of this piece, everyone will know.


From the time I could discern, I knew my father had 2 great loves, besides my mother; Football and Music. To be frank, mummy maybe came after football in his affections (I'll have to stylishly confirm that one). However, it was at the grand old age of 8 that I first encountered 'The Mighty Reds'.

Dad took us one Saturday to 'Omega Video Vibes', to rent movies (VCR) for the weekend. He then took a particular one and asked to buy it. It was red. Funny how it caught my eye, because I have never liked the colour red, except with LFC. Forgive me, I digress. We took our goodies and left for home.

Later that afternoon, he began watching what I now know to be titled, The Liverpool Story.  I remember seeing this  fantastic ballers display their magic. One name in particular stood out: John Barnes. I remember hearing Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, John Aldridge,  Peter Beardsley and then, Grobbelar. I was enthralled.  
By the time I got older (in my teens), I got a copy of that video and watched it until I knew the story like the back of my hand. I kept tabs on my new found love, learnt the club anthem and watched the players who made history for and with Liverpool: Robbie Fowler,  Keane, Jamie Carragher and the others.

My love for the kop was sealed with the advent of fresh faced Michael Owen (before he became Judas No.1) and another young chap who blew me away during the UCL foray of 04/05: Steven G. Gerrard. It was an absolute joy to watch this young lad marshall the squad  like it was a battlefield,  every single time. It was reinforced on the best night in football history (as far as Eky is concerned), the UEFA Champion's League final in Istanbul, May 2005. After that night, its a love I will carry with me to the grave. 

Now, you know my love story with The Reds. Will you tell me yours? I await in the comments corner. Hugs!!!


  1. Never really liked Liverpool until Benitez took over. I nearly wept when LFC defeated Alaves during the 2001 UEFA cup finals. Am now a real fan though...Nice 1

    1. Awww. We are glad to welcome you to the fold of uniqueness. Thank you too

    2. Hehehehehe. Oya tell me your Chelsea story oh!

  2. Proudly Red. Will never walk alone. Nice one sis.

  3. Always baybay. We remain part of a family forever, in more ways than one.