Self Pity; Healthy sometimes!!!

I can see a lot of persons already shaking their heads in disagreement to the title of this post. Calm your nerves and read to the end, will you?


Usually, when something happens, well meaning friends and family rally round and offer all sorts of advice. 'Cheer up, its only a matter of time'. 'Soon, it will be like yesterday'. 'Before you know it, you'll be right as rain'. And a whole lot of other one liners that keep coming at you as if they are being delivered by Tupac, Nas and Eminem at a rap contest. The truth is, at that point in time, you just want to scream. Those words, however well intended, are not processed by you the same way.

Some days, you just wish the world will go away and leave you to your devices. You curl up in bed under the covers and don't want to get up. You are ready to fight the next person who mentions 'soon' and 'alright' in one breathe. Because the truth is, at that time you are far from alright. You are down in the dumps and feel like its all going to come crashing down on your over-burdened shoulders. To your thinking, nights become never-ending, minutes crawl by, food becomes bland (heartbreak hotel) and it seems like the sun may never rise again.

I have been here. And my honest opinion? Deal with it. Admit to yourself you are sad and cant bear to be happy, have a pity party. Cryyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Mourn whatever it is you lost. Only then, can you stomach the cute sayings and begin to rise out of the dumps. I mean, can you rise if you never fell? Can you get dry if you weren't beaten by the rain? So, a pity party is healthy. Just don't over-do it and wallow in it.

Disagree? Maybe. But that's the reality of it from my own experience. Take note, am out of it o.

I love you dear reader!!!!!