Opinion; Can you date/marry someone you met on Social Media???

Hello my loves, 
Its been more than a minute. Happy November and rest of the year to you. I had to take some break. too much mourning and a whole lot of other stuff had to be done. But here I am in your face again. I missed you a lot more than you missed me, never fear. Unto the day's business now.


 A great many of us spend a whole lot of time on the internet, particularly on Social media websites. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Blogger, Linked in, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler, Flicker, the list is quite endless (thank you Technology). Quite naturally, you tend to meet a lot of persons who go from strangers to acquintances then friends. Sometimes, you meet the special ones who go on to become a love interest. Some of them also go on to become strangers after a time sadly.

I know at least two persons who met their current spouses on Facebook. there are also a ton of others who met, dated and it didn't work out. I have personally met a number of great friends through social media for whom I am grateful. Can I marry someone I met on social media? Absolutely. It would of course have to graduate from a social media meeting, to getting to know one another, becoming friends and having a special spark. That's just me.

So tell me. Can/Will you date/marry  someone you met on social media? Let me know below.


Yes of course. I can marry someone i met on online. I don't see anything wrong with it but the process of dating must be strictly adhered to in all circumstance

Yes of course! I can marry someone i met online as long as we are compatible. People have met in bars, pubs, business meetings, weddings, churches, mosques, offices, burials, hostage situations, etc so why not social media.
I don't think there's a problem with the medium. It's always about the people.